Bullet Trading Program, SWIFT TRADING

This program is exclusive for Private and Corporate/Institutional Clients as well as Asset Managers.


• Trading transactions are arranged on the Swiss Banking Platform
• We accept fund amounts from USD $3m (3m Euro) or more. (Other major currencies are welcomed). Special
consideration will be made for others amounts, but please contact us specifically for your request.
• We instruct clients to transfer funds to a Top rated Bank, into a new account in the name of the client only
with complete control and sole signatory ability.
• We do not accept any transfer, SWIFT or otherwise on the capital side required.
• There is no blocked funds during the period of trading
• Clients can have trading stop in certain cases and with prior notice. The client can also withdrawal his funds.
• Profits can be paid weekly or monthly, and can be written in as requested in the trading contract. Monthly is preferred.
• The trading time period is 12 months, and can be renewed with prior notice and request
• Multiple accounts for parallel trading are allowed upon request
• Profits are historically around 40% per month and higher and based on the best effort from the trader.


Step 1: Forms and Documentation needed:

• Client Information Sheet (CIS), only on required format
• Clients Passport copy (color copy preferred)
• Letter of Request/Intent (LOI)
• Proof of Funds- Bank Statement/Tear Sheet

Step 2: Due Diligence

• Full Due Diligence will be performed on the Client and Funds presented
• This may included a compliance call between the Client and the trader`s representative.

Step 3: Account, Banking, and Trading Begins

• The Trading Manager will provide and detail a prospectus of the trading fund.
• The Trading Manager will provide to the client a clear Trading Contract.
• Once the Trading contract is reviewed and signed, a new Bank account will be opened for the Client.
• The Client then transfers funds to his “own account” and within 3 normal banking/business days of notification
• The trading program starts approximately 7-10 days after the funds are received in the new account and the firstprofit payment in approximately 4 weeks.

Please Note: in bullet trading program min. deposit is $3M and no maximum for deposit by CASH, investor can participate in this program by CASH&BG to his new account at bank and minimum face value of BG not less than $5M, BG must be from well recognized banks.

We also have tested interbank blocking mechanism with limited number of banks start from $10m cash funds holding (for the countries where money remitance prohibited or restricted by law e.g. India, China, Russia, Thailand, Japan).  ​There is blocked funds during the period of trading start from $10m - $250m (2 weeks-1 month-you choose), we are ready to consider your scenarios, the solution depend on case by case

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